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Otodata Opens Distribution Facility in Pennsylvania

Originally published in the January 2023 edition of LPGas Magazine. Download the PDF here.

Otodata facility in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh-area location moves tank monitor provider closer to its US customers

Tank monitoring solutions provider Otodata opened a new distribution facility outside Pittsburgh, from where the Montreal-based company plans to ship products to U.S. customers while bolstering its customer service capabilities south of the U.S.-Canadian border.

Since Otodata’s 2021 acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Wise Telemetry, the city has been home to the combined company’s industrial gas team. As the companies continue to merge their propane and industrial gas product and process offerings, they’re looking to do more together and from the same physical location.

In the U.S., that’s now at 130 Technology Drive in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 18 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.

“It is as a picture of growth,”

says Eric Wise, vice president of industrial solutions at Otodata, when asked what the expansion means for the company. “Even though we’re a Canadian company, a huge percentage of our business is here in the States. So, it’s certainly [showing] our commitment to those customers.”

The 12,000-sq.-ft. facility offers office space in the front and a large warehouse in the back. Otodata will perform light manufacturing of products in the Pennsylvania location as well.

Products are shipped in large quantities from Montreal to Pittsburgh and then to customers throughout the country. The company ships tens of thousands of monitors to customers monthly, says Wise, a Pittsburgh native who founded Wise Telemetry in 2014 before joining forces with Otodata.

“The majority of what is coming in, what is housed here, what is going out is LPG, propane based, and that’s largely a function of the size of the different markets,” he says, referencing LPG and industrial gas products.