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Otodata Tests Tank Monitor Durability

Published by Ellen Kriz in, July 12, 2023 | Source

As part of Otodata’s product development and quality control procedures, HALT tests (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) were conducted on its monitors to ensure the durability and quality of the components. Testing included vibrations ramping up to 50 G forces for over one hour, as well as vibrations with intense temperature fluctuations.

All monitors continued to transmit and read the sensor successfully during the test.

Otodata tank monitors feature a robust industrial design, a 20-plus-year battery life, GPS positioning, dual SIM with Cat M and NB-IoT cellular technology, branded app and promotional materials, and a five-year warranty.

The monitors allow for quick and easy installation, work with all tanks and software, and do not require internet or gateway, according to the company.



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