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North America’s Most Accurate and Affordable Tank Level Monitor

Published by LP Gas Magazine, Print, Page 84, July 2023 | Download (PDF)

We’re revolutionizing the industry by making your RTLM integration affordable. We offer flexible financing options for your integration, and all of our pricing plans include unlimited reporting and support.

Stop Relying on Predictions.

We know that getting accurate tank level information is critical for your business. It can substantially reduce your operating expenses while significantly improving your service level. Otodata’s award-winning tank monitors are extremely reliable, precise and compatible with all tanks and software.

Get Free Integration Support into Your Existing Software.

We understand that some customers have heavily invested in their management software, and we’ve made sure to create a very flexible and dynamic data-sharing platform. We can integrate with virtually ANY existing software using our documented APIs.

Easily Manage Your Tank Monitors with Our Free Online Portal.

Our online portal was designed to streamline your process, diminishing your drop frequency and increasing drop sizes. The portal does this by helping you increase route efficiencies and reducing overall delivery costs by as much as 30%. Remember, optimizing routes and drops can even double your driver performance! Through the portal you can also send notifications to customers, export data to spreadsheets for analysis (CVS), manage list of recipients for notifications and reports, set 4 customizable notifications per tank monitor, and much more!

Let Your Clients View Their Tanks Anywhere, Anytime with Our Free Mobile App.

“Nee-Vo” is designed to let your clients view their tank levels in real-time, consult usage history, be alerted when their tanks are low on fuel, request refills, and contact you directly. Additionally, we brand your app with your logo and colors at no additional cost! With Nee-Vo you can generate business by creating in-app marketing campaigns and push messages to your customers. The app is a great way of increasing your customer retention and loyalty by increasing your interactions and visibility. We also offer free support to help you create your marketing campaigns whenever you need it.

See How Otodata is Revolutionizing the Industry:

  • Robust industrial design

  • Industry leading battery life (up to 20+ years)

  • Works with all tanks and software

  • GPS positioning

  • The only dual SIM with CATM and NBIOT cellular technology

  • Five-year plus warranty

  • Quick and easy installation

  • No Internet or gateway needed

  • Free branded app and promotional materials

Our New Pittsburgh Facility at Your Service

As a leader in the tank level monitoring industry, we know supporting our customers is the key to our success and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. With our new U.S. based, state-of-the-art facility and our growing sales team, you are definitely in good hands. We will continue to ensure you get the highest return on investment from our tank monitoring solution. Visit our website today, and reserve your free starter kit!



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