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A Revolutionary Tank Monitoring Innovation

Otodata Wins CIOReview's Most Promising Canada Internet of Things Solutions Providers 2022 Award

CIOReview's IOT Award 2022

Storage tanks are a critical component of process manufacturing in a diverse range of industries notably mining, agriculture, and the chemical and petrochemical industries. Industrial tank monitoring has been a daunting task despite its vitality. To that end, a wireless Internet of Things (IoT) solution for industrial tank monitoring can optimize asset management, protection, production planning, and operational safety.

The resolution to this critical requirement comes from Otodata. The company designs, develops, manufactures and distributes proprietary products and technologies with ultra-low hardware costs to sectors ranging from automotive to agriculture all over North America.

Andre Boulay, President

“80 percent of our business monitors fuel tanks, not only in Canada and the US but in 35 other countries. What has made us successful is we have delivered affordable hardware with aggressive and well positioned recurring fees to the industry with a B2B focus,” adds Andre Boulay, President of Otodata.

Otodata backed by a decade of experience in the tank monitoring industry focuses on producing a monitor with low cost of ownership - making large-scale implementation affordable for all fuel resellers. In addition, Boulay believes that Otodata has evolved from being a company that intended to provide connected products while having a focus in the fuel and tank industry. The company over the past five years has established itself as a leader in tank monitoring in North America, by providing affordable and accurate tank monitoring solution to fuel and gas marketers with its new state-of-the-art LPG cylinder gas meters.

The main focus of Otodata’s customers in the tank monitoring space is to increase the delivery logistics. To that end, Otodata provides precise, extremely reliable data, carrying industry leading warranties that are compatible with ready dial equipped tanks allowing its clients to offer the connected services to their customers without making significant financial investments. With ease of integration, ultra-low-cost bill of materials and long-term operability, the firm offers a unique communication solution that operates in cellular and Secure Packet Radio Service (S.P.R.S) – Otodata’s own protocol developed from the ground-up with Machine-to-machine (M2M), IoT, and wireless data communication in mind.

Furthermore, Otodata has a stolen vehicle recovery system called Tag Tracking that operates on its proprietary communication technology using a unique multi-level approach to motor vehicle theft prevention and recovery. This system is the only one in the world to combine a powerful theft prevention tool with a proven tracking platform using a unique, layered approach to automotive theft-prevention and recovery.

What’s more? Increased cost of deliveries, higher gas prices, driver shortages has pushed organizations to leverage telemetry to lower operating costs. Otodata has added Wise Telemetry into their broad portfolio of services and stands behind its mission to offer industrial and specialty gas providers real-time customer demand and enhance supply chain efficiency through the use of wireless technology, fluid mechanics, and data analytics. This philosophy has proven successful in the propane tank monitoring market, where Otodata monitors over one million tanks. Otodata’s scale, combined with Wise Telemetry’s industrial gas experience, is now creating unprecedented advances for telemetry. With over one million monitors across the globe, the business combination can now offer monitoring for any industrial gas asset at an affordable price.

Customer success stories at Otodata are aplenty. Boulay mentions a recent case study on return on investment, wherein the customer turned to Otodata and informed that his savings had resulted in a decline in gas mileage of 15 miles per gallon and a significant reduction in driving. Otodata studied which tanks should be monitored with relation to how much the company could save. Boulay believes that it was a good case study where the savings for the client were immense. It was a small company, and 88 percent of their tanks were monitored, and the client was able to bring $600,000 straight to the bottom line, saving in delivery logistics, diesel and manpower.

Similar success stories demonstrate the value of proprietary products and technologies that Otodata brings to the table. Whilst in-house growth and collaboration growth are both beyond exciting for Otodata, the company will continue to do its best in maintaining its production and roll-out efforts in the coming years.



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