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Our latest innovation
New look and  more affordable than ever.


What's New

The change wasn't for vanity's sake. Our new monitor comes with a few key improvements.

New Angular Look

Our monitor's new angular look allows for our antenna to stand vertically even when mounted on the sloping shoulder of a tank.

Reads Wireless Sensors & Dials

Not only can our monitor connect up to 8 wireless sensors at a time, they are also wireless-dial compatible.

Certified Internationally

Always certified Intrinsically Safe in North America, our monitor is now also certified safe in European and South American markets.

Larger Antenna for Satellite Connectivity

We've included a larger antenna to ensure reliable non-terrestrial / satellite connectivity.

Robust Enclosure

Our new monitor has improved encapsulation; further securing the tech inside from physical damage.

More Affordable Than Ever

We lowered our prices to ensure wide-scale deployment is possible for all marketers. 
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