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A Lead for a Lead

Refer-A-Friend Program

Submit a Referral

For each valid referral get 10 FREE Universal Leads!

Patented Otodata design. A value of $140 dollars.

About Your Referral
About You

Shipping Address (to ship you 10 free leads)

We’d love your help getting the word out about our award-winning tank monitors. So, we’ve created an exciting new referral program!

For each company in the fuel industry that you refer — that’s not already in our customer database — we will give you 10 FREE Universal Leads as a thank you! It’s always handy to have an extra in your truck in case your cable gets chewed by a hungry critter or cut by a tank lid.

To sweeten the deal, if your referral purchases
at least 18 Otodata monitors within 6 months
of your submission, you will receive a FREE Otodata monitor valued at $99*!

*The offer of a free monitor is for hardware only. Does not include monthly communication fee. In the event of a duplicate referral, we will select the 1st submission received.

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