We are proud to celebrate the 2nd edition of #LPGday! This year in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was important for us to continue to provide support and products to our customers while keeping our employees safe and healthy. No small feat! 

At the beginning of the isolation period, we refined some of the automated processes on our production line to surmount many of the challenges that this crisis had inevitably caused. Our production and customer support teams returned to work as soon as it was possible to do so, and have been showing courage and commitment to Otodata and our customers every single day since then.  Many customers facing staffing challenges, have expressed how they used Otodata’s tank level monitors to refill even more strategically, ramping up to maximum efficiency. Therefore we must highlight our customer support and production teams because without them none of this would be possible so we would like to make our contribution to #LPGday all about them!

Contact us  (514) 673-0244 | 1 (844) 763-3344 | info@otodata.ca


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1 (514) 673-0244

1 (844) 763-3344

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1 (833) 529-9499

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9280 Boulevard L'Acadie,
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Sobre nosotros



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1 (514) 673-0244

1 (844) 763-3344

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1 (833) 529-9499

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9280 Boulevard L'Acadie, 

Montreal, Qc, H4N 3C5


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1 (514) 673-0244

1 (844) 763-3344


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1 (833) 529-9499

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9280 Boulevard L'Acadie,
Montréal, Qc, H4N 3C5

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