Otodata Featured on New Episode of Advancements TV Series with Ted Danson
Exploring recent developments in fuel delivery logistics products and technologies.

Otodata is proud to announce that we were featured on an episode of Advancements TV Series with Ted Danson which recently aired on CNBC. The episode focuses on the challenges and innovations in fuel delivery logistics industry.

When it comes to fuel, there is no margin for error. For many, fuel delivery is still a very manual process where fuel providers must physically check each of their tanks to determine where gas is needed. A largely inefficient method which costs both gas and labor hours. The only way to take the excess labor costs and guesswork out of this equation is by installing an accurate tank monitor.

Otodata, a key player in the tank monitoring industry, outlines its mission to develop, manufacture, distribute, and support its award-winning tank monitors, management software, and mobile app to businesses all over North America.

Initially, costs associated with large-scale tank monitor implementation made expansion and growth unaffordable for a large portion of the industry. Otodata is changing all that.

“We know that getting accurate tank level information is critical for fuel providers. It can substantially reduce their operating expenses while significantly improving their service level,” said Andre Boulay, President at Otodata. “So we provide our partners with software that allows them to view this critical information from their office or on the go on tablets or smartphones.” concludes Andre Boulay.

The Advancements TV Series is an information-based educational show targeting recent advances across a number of industries and economies. This episode explores how the evolving technology in the fuel industry continues to transform our world, as well as the sustainable methods being used to maximize efficiency across the globe. Otodata has found itself at the forefront of this movement, with it’s award-winning tank monitors, known to be reliable, affordable, carry industry leading warranties and are compatible with all tanks and software.


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