Are Your "Other" Tank Monitors Ready for the 3G Network Shutdown?

 Otodata's award-winning monitors are!

What you need to know.

The 3G Network Shutdown is on the way.

Due to the nationwide shut down of the 3G Network, hundreds of thousands of tank monitors and other 3G-reliant devices will stop working in the United States. To avoid service interruptions a transition to 4G+ compatible devices will be required.


What does a 3G shutdown mean for my tank monitors?
If you're already an Otodata Tank Monitors customer, no need to worry! Our award-winning monitors will not be affected by the 3G Network Shutdown and no action is required from you.


However, if you're one of the thousands of business owners who depend on 3G-reliant tank monitors to operate your business, a migration to 4G+ devices is necessary.


When should I start planning my transition?

The time for action is now.

Certain carriers have already begun dismantling their 3G infrastructure.

Avoid the stress of last minute rollouts and service interruptions. Start planning a smooth transition with Otodata and save instantly on your bottom line by switching to a system that’s built to last.

We make the transition easy with:

  • Hardware as a service and unbeatable monthly savings.

  • Free APIs into existing software.

  • Dedicated support team.


How do I get started?

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